All about the BASE!!

Two of the questions I get asked the most is “How do I get a flawless finish on my foundation? “and “How to I get it to last?”  So I have decided to share my Tips & Tricks with all of you lovely ladies so that you are more confident in your makeup applications and can achieve the above.

The main fundamentals to create that “Long-lasting Flawless Look” start with your skin, knowing your skin type. It is vitally important to understand your skin condition and what it needs so you can choose the proper products designed for your Skin, so you will save money in the long run as you wont be buying unsuitable products and also most importantly you will be using products that will help your skin and also stay on your skin. I call it “Skintuition”

Is your skin dry? Maybe you have an oily t-zone or sensitivity. You cannot deal with your skin unless you know what you are dealing with I.e is it hereditary, environmental factors, lack of nutrition, all of these have a major impact on your skin.

Main Skin Types

Below are some of the characteristics that you may have issues with it, you may not necessarily have  them all.

  • Dry Skin  Flaky, fine lines, wrinkles, small pieces and may have loss of skin tone, dehrated and skin may feel tight
  • Oily/Acne Skin- Enlarged pores, prone to breakouts, comeodones (blackheads), oily skin and shiny skin surface.
  • Sensitive Skin- Inflamed, redness in your Skin, broken capillaries and skin may also be reactive/intolerant to certain products/foods/drinks or environmental factors.
  • Mature Skin- Loss of firmness, keratinised Skin, wrinkles, fine lines, dehydrated and skin may also have pigmentation patches.
  • Combination Skin- Oily T-zone, dry or normal in other facial areas.
  • Normal/Balanced Skin- Firm, supple, resiliant and no problem areas.

 So now you have determined your skin type the next step is to use the most suitable makeup products and at Lynda Strain Makeup we have something for every skin type to help treat your skin.


Diamond Primer – Clear

*A base for foundation that gives a matte finish
*Silicone based
*Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles
*Perfect for all skin types
*Will lock your foundation onto your skin providing a long-lasting application
*Flawless base


Diamond Concealer – 4 Shades available

*Medium coverage
*Quick dry
*Water resistant
*Longwear formula
*Anti-aging formula with Collagen – helps reduce puffiness
*Disguises pigmentation dark circles and skin redness







 Flawless Finish Foundation- 6 Shades available

*Water based liquid for staying power
*Light-medium coverage
*Contains antioxidant vitamin e
*Perfect for sensitive skins and all skin types
*Non comeodgenic- won’t block pores


 4 – HD Diamond Foundation – 7 Shades available

*Water based liquid for staying power
*Medium to full coverage
*Ideal for camera/television work
*Perfect for bridal makeup
*All skin types especially mature due to the anti-ageing collagen formula
*Water resistant, ideal for menopausal skin






4 – Love Lynda Pressed Mineral Foundation – 2 Shades available

*Matte finish
*Full coverage when applied with sponge
*Silky smooth skin texture after application
*Light coverage when applied with a kabuki brush
*Natural SPF15
*Natural mineral powders to feed and treat the skin
*Ideal for oily skin types


5 – Love Lynda Loose Mineral Foundation- 8 Shades available

*Natural look and feel on your skin
*Ideal for sensitive and normal skin types
*Dewy finish for healthier looking skin
*Natural SPF15
*Natural mineral powders to feed and treat the skin










6 -Love Lynda Luminators

*Creates an instant glow to skin
*Can be used alone or mixed into liquid foundation
*Amazing for dry or mature skin to replace a youthful glow
*Enhances tan when applied over it
*Can be worn on the arms, leg and chest













Diamond Dust Setting powder

*Seals in all foundations to remove shine and give a long-lasting application
*Matches skin tone
*Matifies skin
*Contains oil absorbing powders
*Will not settle in fine lines and wrinkles due to its lightweight powders
*No build up


    How Do I wear these products?

    The great thing about my products is that you can wear them in so many different ways depending on the look you want to achieve. Here are some examples

     Quick and easy

    • Primer, Foundation (liquid or powder), Setting Powder


    Quick and easy with a little more to hide

    • Primer, Foundation, Conceslor, Setting Powder

    Quick and easy with a illumined glow
    • Primer, Foundation, Luminator, Setting Powder


    Sun Kissed Fresh Faced Glow

    • Primer, Luminator


    The full works

    • Primer, Foundation, Concealer, Luminator and Setting Powder



    Tips & Tricks

    1 – Primer

    Apply a pea sized amount into the palm of your hand and rub hands  together, always in am upward motion apply to neck, face, lips and eyelids. For puffiness under your eyes use your ring finger gently doing press and release movements from the inner corner outwards to release the fluid build up this is a gently form of lymphatic drainage.


    2 – Foundation


    Always choose 2/3 colours testing along jawline , choose the colour that would blend into your neck and chest  (decollete). Always shake your foundation if it is a liquid to blend the ingredients, apply a small amount into to the palm of your hand and using a flat foundation brush apply foundation o to cheeks in a downward motion blending into your jawline, apply onto centre of forehead working into hairline and down into temples, avoiding eyebrow blend into eyelids, repeat steps if more depth is needed. Using a buffer brush avoiding lips in circular movements blend foundation into the skin tgis will create an airbrush appearance to your skin.


    Pressed Mineral

    Using a Kabuki Brush circular movements into foundation to pick your powder up and applying with circular movements cover your face until you get your desired coverage. For more depth you can use the sponge provided.


    Loose Mineral

    Pour a small amount into the lid and tap the lid to break down the powder into a finer consistency. Using a Kabuki Brush pick up your powder and work into the skin using circular movements and reapeat until you get your desired coverage.



    Prior to foundation

    Apply onto areas of concern such as blemishes, broken capillaries, redness, pigmentation and dark circles allow to dry into skin  and blend the edges before applying foundation.


    After Foundation

    Apply under the eye area looking into a mirror and slightly tilting your head down eyes looking into the mirror you will see the area under the eye that needs to be concealed. Do not apply near the water line. You can also use it to conceal around the view to give shape and definition before shading the brow.

    It can also be used on the lips for a plumping effect due to the Collagen content.



    You can use this in various ways:

    *Massage alone into skin for a natural glow

    * Mix 1 pump into foundation

    * After Foundation apply around temple and grow area to create highlighting effect

    *Apply with a tanning mitt massage into legs, arms & decollete to enhance your tan


    Setting Powder

    Pour a small amount into the lid and tap the lid to break down the powder into a finer consistency and pick product up with a buffer brush and massage into skin applying more onto oilier areas.



    • Never apply liquid Foundation, Luminator or Concealer over powder as it will cuddle
    • Powder can be applied over The above
    • Always allow your foundation to work into skin before setting as it is a treatment for your Skin