Our Brand Story

LSC was created with the word survival embedded within everything we do.

Throughout much of her youth, Lynda suffered from severe acne and struggled to find products that did not irritate her skin. At the age of 25, during her battle with cancer, she was once again faced with the task of finding products with kind ingredients. The treatment left her skin extremely sensitive and stripped away so much of her identity. Makeup was her way of getting back to who she was, the person she recognised. With a wealth of life and industry experience so began the next venture and the launch of Lynda’s makeup brand - Lynda Strain Cosmetics in 2016.

All our products have been designed for makeup enthusiasts and makeup artists. Using the knowledge gained through Lynda’s life experiences, as well as in the beauty industry as a makeup artist and beauty therapist, has all helped in creating high-quality products that work and are continuously sought after.

We make it our business to understand our customers and it was clear that so many wanted a cosmetic range that is suitable to use on the most sensitive types of skin and won't easily irritate. Our products are perfect for anyone who suffers from skin conditions such as Acne, Eczema and Psoriasis. The kind ingredients we select to use across the collections means the range is suitable to use by anyone who may be battling an illness and undergoing treatments, such as Chemotherapy which may cause them to have sensitive or irritated skin.