Just a girl who loves Makeup!

Who is Lynda Strain?

As Marylin Monroe once stated “Beneath the Makeup and behind the smile, I am just a girl who wishes for the world” let’s face it I think the majority of us lovely ladies could agree with this. I am a girl who loves makeup, it has been my passion for over 20years.

So Lynda Strain loves makeup which is why I trained firstly as a beauty therapist followed on by my various Makeup Degree courses training in Belfast, Dublin and London, working at fashion shows, fashion shoots and also on various Television productions. I specialise in Bridal, Media and Special Effects Makeup. I have always strived for bigger and better things so like Marylin Monroe I truly am a girl who wishes for the world as I have recently launched my own Luxury Line of Lynda Strain Makeup Products. With over 100 products all with dual uses and containing natural active ingredients to help and protect your face.. 

This is the beginning of a new and a very exciting journey in my life. I am surrounded by wonderful people who have always encouraged me and instilled confidence in me and have helped me to achieve my goals. So to these wonderful people I have dedicated my “Love Lynda” Line of Makeup by naming my products after those who I Love hence why I named this line “Love Lynda”.

I have always wanted to work within Television as a makeup artist and I was blessed to cross paths with Ireland First Lady of Country Music Susan McCann who I know count as one of my closet friends. This fateful meeting has led not only to me being Susan’s personal Makeup Artist but to the creation of my second luxury line of makeup - Susan McCann “String of Diamonds”. Susan who is famously known in the Country Music scene for over 40 years launched her String of Diamonds Album named by her daughter Linda and son Brendan, selling over 4million records. So this line has a very personal meaning for Susan.




I have worked with a lot of well known names not only from Ireland but farther afield and through all of this I have learned so much which is why I want to pass on my love and knowledge of makeup to anyone who wants it. My aim is to re-educate and empower makeup lovers to enhance your natural beauty!
So keep your eyes posted for my up and coming blogs and tutorials.